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The federal government says that expectations have not changed for special education students who are transitioning out of high school this year.

Recently the US Department of Education published an open letter to all vocational rehabilitation agencies, education officials, and school districts, that encourages special education teams to think flexibly about how they help students with disabilities enter the workforce and adult life. The department also released an updated guide for students and parents that emphasizes collaboration between schools and agencies, person-centered planning, and the wide range of choices available to transition-age youth.

Vermont's Agency of Education (AOE) also has several resources for supporting successful transition, even while more school activities are taking place over the Internet. They advise students with disabilities to:

  • Take transition assessments online to identify strengths and interests
  • Explore career options using online career exploration websites
  • Use the "graduation readiness tool"

VTDDC's council member from AOE, John Spinney recommends the following reading materials from the Agency's website:

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