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Request for Proposals

Cross-Disability Coordinator

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council (VTDDC) is seeking to fund a position for a Coordinator who would support and strengthen Vermont’s Cross-Disability Movement. This funding is intended to support a new position, rather than underwrite an existing position. Organizations interested in overseeing this position are invited to apply following the stipulations in this RFP. This grant would provide $25,000 for the first six (6) months, renewable for up to four (4) years at a minimum of $50,000 annually, based on performance and the availability of federal funds.

The Disability Rights Movement (DRM) -- and its corollary, the Independent Living Movement -- began in the 1970's. DRM advocates sought acknowledgement of the needs of people living with a disability and championed the right of people with
disabilities to own their movement for social change. The DRM advanced a social
model of disability, as opposed to the prevailing medical model that identified
disability as an individual deficiency in need of cure or amelioration. In the social
model, disability is understood as a social construct in which disability results from the interaction of an individual’s specific condition and the social, political, spatial,
architectural, linguistic and cultural environment. It is a collective problem that
requires collective political action.

in a circle there are a pencil, the leadership statehouse logo, and the seeds sapling logo.

VTDDC believes there is strength in a disciplined, well-organized coalition of individuals and organizations that advocate at all levels of government for policies and practices that protect and advance the rights of people who live with a disability.


This project with assist VTDDC in implementing Goal 2 of its Five-Year State Plan:

"VTDDC will nurture and support a powerful movement of self-advocates and family members prepared to advocate for policies, programs, and funding that realize the vision of the Federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 [42 USC 15,001 et seq. (2000)]."



Download the
Cross-Disability Coordinator
Request for Proposal

to learn more about the application deadlines, scope of work, grant activities, general conditions and requirements, and terms of the grant agreement. The file also includes VTDDC's 5 Year State Plan and a logic-model tempalate.


Proposals may be submitted according to these guidelines by any non-profit organization with experience in collaborating across disability groups in Vermont.

What does the State of Vermont Grant Agreements Attachments  look like if you were to recieve the award?



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