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VTDDC is at the State House closely monitoring policy that could impact Vermonters with developmental disabilities...

The 2020 budget is quite possibly the hottest topic at the Statehouse. House Representatives have approved sending of $6.1 billion dollars, a plan that now moves to the Senate for consideration.

 There are a number of new bills that affect Vermonters with disabilities. Some bills have garnered a lot of excitement, while other bills are slow-moving and may not “come off the wall” to be considered by a committee. Among the many bills, some to watch are:

  • H. 140 asks that the Special Education Advisory Council have a majority of members who are people with disabilities or family members of people with disabilities, as required by federal law. 

  • H. 183 and S.5 relate to the involuntary sterilization of people with disabilities. Although this is the second session to see bills related to this issue, action by a committee is unlikely.

  • H. 312 mandates that all Vermont movie theaters host opportunities to view open-captioned films.

  • H. 332 establishes an annual "Developmental Disabilities Independence Day" on November 17 to commemorate the closing of the Brandon Training School.  Advocates plan to pursue this through a Governor’s Proclamation, rather than legislative action.

  • S. 48 authorizes people with temporary disabilities to hunt wild game from their vehicles.

 Contact Sue, VTDDC's Senior Planner and Policy Analyst, by email for more details on what the Council is doing this legislative session: