Major Grants and Projects

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The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council often seeks community partners interested in implementing specific parts of the Five-Year Plan.  

The process starts with a Request-for-Proposals (RFP), which is posted below and on the Vermont Bid System.  Applicants can submit a proposal by the posted deadline following the guidelines in the RFP.  Proposals are reviewed by the Program Committee, which makes recommendations to the full Council. Not all applications reach the full Council. The Program Committee does not review unsolicited proposals, but any Vermonter with a project that supports the Five-Year Plan can call VTDDC to share their ideas; staff will pass this information to the Program Committee.

VTDDC distributes grants to organizations for training, policy-maker education, coalition building, and outreach.

Self-advocates and family members brainstorm ideas. Someone is taking notes.

Self-Advocacy Project

Strengthening Self-Advocacy. Green Mountain Self-Advocates, a statewide organization governed by people with developmental disabilities, provides peer-led support, training and technical assistance to over 20 local self-advocacy groups.  The Council supports GMSA to realize its core mission "for people with developmental disabilities to educate peers to take control over their own lives, make decisions, solve problems, and speak for themselves."



Building the Cross-Disability Movement.  The Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights (VCDR) represents 20 disability-related organizations.  The Council supports VCDR's Coordinator to help build a powerful movement of self-advocates and family members prepared to advocate for policies, programs, and funding that meet the needs and advance the rights of Vermonters with disabilities.  The Coalition briefs advocates every week during the legislative session.  To get on their mailing list, contact


Self-advocates, family members, and allies, listen to a welcoming speech by Governor Peter Shumlin.

Disability Awareness Day

Celebrating our Strengths.  The Council supports the Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights in hosting an annual gathering at the Statehouse. Disability Awareness Day brings more than 250 self-advocates, family members, and allies together for workshops, a press event, and opportunities to speak directly with Vermont's elected officials.  This year's event was February 27, 2019.




Request for Proposals and Awards

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council is not seeking proposals at this time.

What does the State of Vermont Grant Agreements Attachments look like if you were to recieve the award?

Projects recently awarded:

  • The Vermont Self-Advocacy Project grant was renewed, awarding Green Mountain Self Advocates $45,000 for nine months. The grant ends September 30, 2019.
  • The Cross-Disability Coordinator grant was renewed, awarding the Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights for $37,500 for nine months. The grant ends September 30, 2019.
  • Support for Disability Awareness Day was granted, awarding the Vermont Coalition for Disabilty Rights $8,700 to plan and host this event for February 27, 2019.
  • Support for Advanced Training in Special Education Rights was made available for up to $10,000.  VTDDC will soon anounce an opportunity for interested family members to apply for scholarships to this new program.

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