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Publications and Infographics

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A screen capture of the VTDDC's 2017 Annual Report cover.


Most publications and infographics are designed In-House through the collective efforts of VTDDC staff and members. You may request hard copies to be post mailed to you at any time.

VTDDC uses its publications for:

  • Council Member Education and Distribution
  • Conferences and Events
  • Informing Policymakers and Education



In less than 200 words the brochure describes what the Council is, what it does, and the members who make it happen.  It also includes the mission and contact information.  What does it mean to "Advocate. Change. Join"?

Annual Report

As a thorough representation of what the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council achieved within the last year, the Annual Report is our go-to publication to describe our accomplishments. It includes descriptions of in-house and statewide projects, graphs to represent the Council's income and spending, a list of key partners, quotes from respected advocates and leaders, and more. What has the Council done?

Hello, Neighbor

"Hello, Neighbor" is an eight-page newspaper insert that shares the lives of several rural Vermonters with disabilities, while also answering questions like "How do I connect with my peers?" and "What is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act?" Council staff worked closely with N&R Publications, and the people they were interviewing, to craft an accessible newsletter that everyone could enjoy.

Choosing Words with Dignity

It's not what you say, but how you say it. This straight-forward brochure empowers people with disabilities by educating  readers on the right way to approach and describe others without putting them down. What are the positive phrases compared to the negative ones?

Vermont ABLE Bookmark

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council were excited to support the Vermont State Treasurer during the launch of the Vermont ABLE savings program. We created a bookmark to tell Vermonters with disabilities that they can have savings and not risk their benefits. The rules to save money have changed!



A screen capture of the "rules have changed" newspaper insert.


Infographics are flyers and posters that use pictures to communicate facts and statistics to a variety of audiences.

VTDDC uses infographics for:

  • Council Meetings and Members
  • Public Awarness and Education
  • Informing Policymakers in the Vermont State House


Impact in a Minute

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council submits a yearly report to its federal funders. Provided is a very brief one-page crunch of some of the Councils achievements and how it secures a better future for Vermonters with developmental disabilities. What has VTDDC done?

Designated Agencies. A Workforce at Risk.

Vermont’s Designated and Specialized Services Agencies are essential to Vermont's economy safety net, and health reform efforts. They effectively serve Vermonters with complex health conditions, preventing unnecessary and costly care. How is the workforce at risk? and What does Phase 2 look like?