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5-Year State Plan

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Every five years the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council shapes a new State Plan that best reflects the current needs of their family, friends, and neighbors in our state. The State Plan guides how the Council uses its resources -- including VTDDC’s annual allocation of federal funds -- to improve the lives of Vermonters with developmental disabilities.

The State Plan helps VTDDC to measure and realize its goals and objectives, and how it has impacted Vermonters state wide.  Its three goals aim to identify and assist under-served communities, support self-advocates, and give Vermonters with with developmental disabilities more opportunities to seize statewide supports.

"The first barrier is money. It’s easier to identify economic barrier, as it’s the reason why people are under-served."
- Terry Holden, Council Member

An illustration of five pieces of paper and small icons representing the passing of time.


Read 2021-2026 State Plan

When Council Members wrote VTDDC’s current 5 Year State Plan Goals and Objectives, they focused on supporting and improving the lives of those with developmental disabilities who are un-served and under-served in Vermont’s communities.

No time to read the work plan? Would you rather just listen? VTDDC has carefully created several videos to explain the goals and objectives for 2022 and 2023.


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