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VTDDC is at the State House closely monitoring policy that could impact Vermonters with developmental disabilities...

Council members visited the offices of Senators Leahy and Sanders and Representative Welch.

October is Disability Awareness Month.

  • On October 15, Council Chair Miriam Stoll and Council member David Frye met with members of Congressman Welch’s staff at his Burlington office and discussed the lives of Vermonters with developmental disabilities. They also discussed the ABLE Age Adjustment Act and asked Congressman Welch to become a co-sponsor.

  • On October 16, Council members Mike Gruteke, Terry Holden, Jennifer Stratton, and Ed Paquin traveled to Senator Sanders’s St. Johnsbury office and shared their experiences living in Vermont with a disability and providing direct services to people with disabilities in Vermont. They also discussed the ABLE Age Adjustment Act and officially requested that Senator Sanders become a co-sponsor.

  • On October 30, Council members Kaiya Andrews and Terry Holden met with Senator Leahy’s staff at his Montpelier office. They were joined by the Council’s Executive Director Kirsten Murphy. The group discussed the work of the Council and officially asked that Senator Leahy consider co-sponsoring the Able Age Adjustment Act.

Council members were well-received in all three offices and forged good connections with staff members of our Washington representatives. We are optimistic that one, if not all three, of the members of our Congressional delegation will sign on as a co-sponsor of the ABLE Age Adjustment Act. If you are an ABLE account holder, you can help by telling our Congressional delegation how ABLE has helped you.

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