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There's an easier way to vaccinate. Introducing Confident Care for Kids!

A thumbnail advertisement for Confident Care for kids of a boy in a wheelchair. There is a speech bubble above his head that says, "Hey parents! Make-a-plan!"

To remove barriers to accessing the COVID-19 vaccine, Confident Care for Kids (CCFK) urges parents and caregivers to join forces with their child’s pediatric or family practice to create a less stressful vaccination experience.

CCFK provides to:

  1. Parents and caregivers with a Vax Visit Prep Kit that includes a free, downloadable social story, information about what’s in the COVID-19 vaccine and steps to prepare for the vaccination visit.
  2. Pediatric and family practices with training, materials and calming sensory tools like pop-its, fidget spinners, putty, and more, including the new Buzzy, a small vibrating bee with blue ice-pack wings that helps to block sharp pain and provides distraction to create a vaccine visit with less stress for your child.

To help us raise awareness about this important initiative for children who are 5 and older, please consider doing one or all three of he following suggestions:

  1. Please share our post on Facebook.
  2. Download this "Vax Tips" flyer and share it with others.
  3. Call your pediatrician, your friends, and your allies to tell them about CCFK.

More information about Confident Care for Kids may be found at: