05 September 2019

Learn how to craft your story by attending a Free story-telling workshop. Vermont STORYLAB will teach you how to select details and tell your story so that you inspire action by others.

You’re invited to attend DVHA’s parent focus group.

14 August 2019

The DEPARTMENT OF VERMONT HEALTH ACCESS wants you to help them communicate effectively about the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE) and your privacy rights. A representative will explain the benefits of exchanging health records and find out what you, as a parent expert, want your child’s doctor to know.

NOW ACCEPTING Request for Proposal's

17 June 2019
Man with a vision and mobility impairment types numbers.

The Goal of this project is to increase understanding by policy makers, employers, and member of the public of the ways that Vermont’s economy would benefit from the higher participation of individuals with disabilities, including those with developmental disabilities. The benefits described should be evidence-based and multi-dimensional, including

Scholarships for Special Education Advocacy

09 April 2019

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council is pleased to announce a new scholarship program for parents and guardians interested in honing their skills as special education advocates.


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