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Request for Bids: Disability Awareness Day

Request for Bids

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council is seeking an organization to plan and host a Disability Awareness Day (DAD) during the 2023 and 20024 Legislative Sessions that brings together people with disabilities, family members, and allies with legislators and other policy makers at the Vermont State House. DAD highlights the importance of involving individuals with disabilities, people who are DEAF, and people with mental health conditions and their family members in policy decisions that impact their lives.

PLEASE NOTE: If public health concerns and/or restricted access to the State House necessitate another format, online or off-site events may be planned. Should it be necessary, alternative format(s) will be planned in consultation with VTDDC after the contract is awarded. For purposes of this proposal, the applicant should assume DAD will be held in-person at the State House.

The successful applicant must have the capacity to bring together stakeholders from a broad range of disability and related groups, including people who are Deaf, people with physical, sensory, cognitive, and/or developmental disabilities, and people with mental health conditions.

The total amount available for this project is $10,000 over two legislative sessions at $5,000 per session. The project timeframe is December 31, 2022, to June 30, 2024, for an 18-month performance period. The successful bidder must be able to document a match in non-federal dollars, either cash or in-kind, valued at 33% of the total award
To bid on this project the vendor should provide VTDDC with a brief letter indicating intent to bid by November 31, 2022, and any questions, which VTDDC will seek to answer within no more than two business days. Bids are due by December 15, 2022. Electronic submission of intent to bid and the bid are acceptable and should be sent to Kirsten Murphy is the sole point of contact for this bidding process. It is anticipated that the award will be announced by close of business on December 16, 2018.

Bids should include:

  • A brief statement (approximately 400 words) describing the vendor’s capacity to undertake this scope of work, including the ability to collaborate with a broad range of disability and other groups and any previous experience with similar events.
  • A detailed budget, following the budget guidelines in the scope of work and indicating how the vendor will use up to $5,000 during the first six months of the performance period in the identified budget categories (see below). If there are other reasonable expenses outside these categories, the bid may reflect these with explanation.
  • A brief statement explaining the source of the required 33% match in non-federal dollars, either in cash or in-kind.

Read the Request for Bids and attachments.