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Media and Video

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All of VTDDC's video projects may be found on our YouTube channel or watched individually through the links below.

A screen capture of Breaking Barriers. Ben is on a ski lift.

Breaking Barriers

These films follow and admire Vermonter’s who are active in their communities. Mad River Media produced three segments that were all featured on Vermont Public Television with public service announcements.
You can watch Ben, Nicole, and Stirling.


A screen capture of The disAbility Project. The title screen is a Vermont mountain and tree tops.


Meet David, Robin, and Sherri, as they share their workspace and describe their job responsibilities. Shadow Productions helped to share the message that we all volunteer, work, advocate, and grow in our communities. The disABILITY Story Project was aired on the radio and television.



A screen capture of Vermont is my Home. Nicole brainstorms a class assignment with a college friend.

Vermont Is My Home

"When you can't speak words people feel you have nothing to say to make a difference." - Kyle Moriarty
CCTV filmed Kyle, Nicole, and Paul, to show people with disabilities taking control of their own lives and pursing their goals in school, work, and in the community.



A screen capture of Speak Up Speaks out. A woman wears handphones as she captures audio for the show.

Speak UP! Speaks out.

Self-advocates of "SpeakUp! Addison County" were trained and supported by MCTV to use film equipment, act, direct, and edit their film. Through their hard work they've created a 20 minute film about their advocacy group and members. It was produced by Tim Joy and Speak UP! Addison County.


A special thanks to our participants for opening their lives and paving the way.